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*On Annual Multi-trip policies cancellation cover begins on the date you choose to start your policy. If you already have a trip booked and you want to be covered immediately, you should select today’s date. You can choose to start your policy later (up to 31 days from today’s date) but there would not be any cancellation cover between now and the start date you choose.


Important Conditions Relating to Your Health

You must comply with the following conditions to have the full protection of your Insurance Certificate.

If you do not comply we may at our option cancel the Insurance Certificate or refuse to deal with your claim or reduce the amount of any claim payment.

Please note: If you are answering the medical questions on behalf of someone else, you must make sure that you have all of the required information to answer the medical questions fully and accurately.

You will not be covered under Section 1 - Cancellation, Section 2 - Expenses arising from illness or injury, Section 3 - In-patient compensation, Section 4 - Curtailment and Section 5 - Personal Accident for any trip where at the time of taking out this insurance or booking each trip, whichever is the latter, you:

  1. are waiting for an operation, hospital consultation (other than for regular checkups for a stable condition) or other hospital treatment or investigations, or are awaiting the results of any tests or investigations; or
  2. have received a terminal prognosis; or
  3. travel against the advice of a medical practitioner or where you would have been if you had sought their advice before beginning your trip; or
  4. know you will need treatment or consultation at any medical facility during your trip; or
  5. are travelling specifically for the purpose of obtaining and/or receiving any elective surgery, procedure or hospital treatment; or
  6. are aware of a medical condition for which you have not had a diagnosis; or
  7. travel against any health requirements stipulated by the carrier, their handling agents or any other public transport provider.

At the time of taking out or renewing this insurance you will need to contact the Medical Screening Line in the following circumstances:

You should call the Medical Screening Line if you:

  1. need to declare a medical condition;
  2. are unsure whether a medical condition needs to be declared or not;
  3. answer ‘Yes’ to any of the Medical Screening Questions shown opposite.
  4. You develop a new medical condition after your Insurance Certificate was issued;
  5. Your existing medical condition changes after your Insurance Certificate was issued.

Medical Declaration

1. Do YOU have MORE THAN ONE of the following conditions?

  • Asthma (requiring no hospital admissions and no supplementary oxygen);
  • Diabetes (if well controlled and no associated conditions);
  • High Blood Pressure/Hypertension;
  • High Cholesterol

2. Within the last 2 years, have YOU, for ANY MEDICAL CONDITION, been treated as a hospital inpatient or been referred to, or in the care of, a specialist consultant?

3. Have YOU been treated for:

  • a breathing condition (including asthma, but only where YOU have required hospital admission or supplementary oxygen);
  • a heart related condition (including angina);
  • a renal/kidney or liver related condition;
  • a circulatory condition (other than high blood pressure/hypertension AND high cholesterol); within the last 5 years?

4. Have YOU been diagnosed or treated for a malignant condition (e.g. cancer) within the last 5 years?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of the questions above, you will need to declare your medical conditions in the section below.

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Sorry, PJ Hayman & Company is unable to provide a quote online due to your medical condition.

Please call our dedicated UK Customer Service team on 023 9241 9893 quoting to see if we can provide you with a quote.

We are open Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm, closed Bank Holidays.


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I agree with the above Declaration

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